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Footmender All in One

Footmender is a multifunctional foot care product with a unique, patented formula that treats, heals and restores the skin on your feet. Footmender has multiple uses and treats; dry skin, calluses, corns, and cracked heels.

Treating your feet is easy with Footmender:

·       The unique dispenser gives an exact dosage and is easy to use.

·       Leaves no residue on the skin and is absorbed quickly.

·       No need for foot baths, foot files, or the use of various creams.  One product is enough.

·       Use once a day as a treatment or once/twice a week for maintenance.

·       A patented medical device class IIA product with proven effect.

Footmender works in eight different ways:

·   Exfoliating action. Footmender has the ability to remove dead skin cells.

·   Footmender binds and retains moisture in the skin.

·   Softens the skin.

·   Reduces skin sensitivity and slows the release of water.

·   Stabilises skin cell renewal.

·   Stimulates the healing of cracked skin.

·   Strengthens the skin’s barrier effect.

·   Antimicrobial effect that prevents the regrowth of micro-organisms for at least 12 hours.