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By restoring correct body alignment Pedistep Orthotics alleviate pain and put the spring back in your step.

Pedistep Orthotics have been designed and invented by a Podiatrist to assist in treating common ailments such as foot, ankle, knee, leg, hip and lower back related pain. Often such aches and pains can be attributed to poor or faulty lower limb biomechanics (or 'body mechanics') - meaning the bones and muscles in our legs and feet are not functioning as they were designed to, which can result in discomfort and pain. 

How Does Pedistep Treat Pronation?

Pedistep Orthotics work by correcting excessive pronation and supporting the arch of our feet.  Pedistep Orthotics have been designed with specific angles integrated into the orthotic, which are medically proven to reduce and correct pronation, in turn alleviating the painful symptoms that result.

Pedistep Orthotics utilise contemporary science and revolutionary technology to provide wearers with an integrated support and comfort system.