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Orthosole insoles are for:

Orthosole insoles are for the relief of plantar fasciitis, foot pain, back pain, arch and ankle pain and may help to prevent pronation and irregular walking patterns. Orthosole helps to alleviate the inflammation from heel pain while also providing arch support.

Which Orthosole Insoles are right for you?

Orthosole Insoles also help people with flat feet, high arches, irregular walking patterns and other issues that are risk factors to the mechanics of the feet.

Cold feet are often associated with circulatory problems. Circulation refers to nutrient rich blood flowing around the body and down to the legs and feet, and deoxygenated blood that flows up the legs back to the heart and lungs. A weaker heart is not effective in pumping the blood back up and therefore the blood tends to stagnate and accumulate in the lower extremities which cause a sensation of cold feet.

Orthosole insoles have a multiple support combination, you can adjust the Orthosole as many times as needed. All standard arch pieces (firm, medium, light) and metatarsal pieces (firm, medium, light) come in the packaging. Read Blog

Max Cushion
Ultimate Performance. You need sufficient room in your shoes. Always remove the standard sock liner from your footwear if possible to get “Max Cushion” inside. Some people have gone up an extra shoe size (only if necessary) to get “Max Cushion” in the shoe but not always necessary with the modern trainer/boot/loose shoes. Made with shock absorption material (Poron).

Thin Style
Super Performance. Designed to help those with tight fitted shoes. Mainly formal shoes where there isn’t a sock liner and also maybe a tight fit towards the end of the shoe were the shoe narrows at the toes. Great for tight fitted trainers and footwear like football, rugby boots, etc. etc... where again take the sock liner out if possible and replace with “Thin Style”.

3/4 Max Cushion
Premium Performance. Invented due to a big recognition in the market place of a ¾ Length insole. For foot conditions such as mortons neuroma or anyone who needs a wider fitting shoe. Insole is made from shock absorption material (Poron).

Lite Style
High Performance. Designed and manufactured with lighter materials but still gives good support to the arch and metatarsal. Ideal for every day wear. This style doesn't have as much shock absorption material (Poron) as the more expensive styles (only in heel strike), but is the style that is more likely to fit in tight shoes.