Feetlife (the retail trading arm of FAS Healthcare Ltd) UK's leading provider of foot care products and services for consumers and businesses. We passionately believe that if you feel great on your feet it improves your overall performance and well-being, so our aim is to provide expert advice and solutions that are right for our customers.

The Feetlife concept was founded many years ago with a simple philosophy. Give patients an outstanding treatment and they'll come back, but show them how to care for their feet themselves and they'll love you forever! With experience of Chiropody and Podiatry surgeries dating back to the 1920's we not only fix the foot problem, we also show patients how to look after their feet to ensure the problem does not recur. We believe that foot pain, knee pain and even back pain can be avoided if you care for your feet in the right way.

Feetlife has come a long way since those days, but our core values remain the same. Every product featured on our site has been tested by our Podiatrists and is fully endorsed by Feetlife. We help our customers make informed decisions about the treatment that is right for them.

Fas Healthcare Ltd Company registration number: 08377547