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Ideal for heavy duty toenail clipping.

  • Length: 15cm
  • Cutting blade type: Straight
  • Cantilever Barrel Spring 


Double sided emery board, pack of 5. One side is pink the other is blue. 8.5cm in length.


Exfoliate your feet with this double sided foot file for gentle pedicures. Start with the pumice side to remove hard or callused skin and finish with emery side. Works quickly, easily and safely to help restore skin's natural softness.
Removes hard skin. Double-sided for gentle and firm exfoliation.


This 6" stainless steel nail file is simple in design but effective in performance with its rough surface and smooth handle you can file nails down with accuracy and control. Double sided.


A crafted oval piece of hard wearing lava rock which produces a longer lasting professional product. Great to exfoliate the feet. It has been collected from volcanic regions around the world and it's natural abrasive qualities make a perfect foot smoothing medium for filing away foot calluses and rejuvenating the skin.


Diamondeb Foot File 15cm in length (6"). Ideal for reducing thicker toenails.


Double sided Metal nail file for the hard skin on the feet.


Double sided abrasive coated pedicure file for callused skin. Antibacterial (sanitised) & waterproof. Designed as the classic Swiss beech wood lacquered foot file.


Low cost, high quality 13cm ingrown nipper with fine blade.


Low cost, high quality 11cm regular ingrown nipper with medium straight blade.


Professional quality Podopro nail nippers not normally available to buy in High Street outlets.


Nail nippers for cutting nails, made from Stainless steel with a gripped handle. 


Limited offer! Professional nail nippers makes cutting thick nails easy. This kit is essential for nail and foot grooming. See description for kit contents below.


14cm stainless steel concave blade nail nippers with classic spring loaded handle for better control and maximum performance.


14cm stainless steel straight blade nail nippers with classic spring loaded handle for better control and maximum performance.


Stainless steel nipper with straight blade, box joint, grip handle. Forged and finished in Solingen Germany.