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What are Tired Feet?

Usually normal physical activity should not cause sore tired feet, but if it does, it should alert you to the fact that you may have a foot problem that requires attention. It is no wonder that at certain times we experience the feeling of heavy tired feet as our feet continuously support the weight of the body.

What causes Tired Feet?

Tired feet occurs when the structure of the foot is not functioning correctly (incorrect biomechanics), in conditions such as flat foot, in-rolling feet or a rigid high arch, it will cause the muscles of both feet and legs to work harder in order to compensate for the imbalance caused by the poor biomechanics. Therefore after excercise or standing for hours, the muscles become fatigued and a sense of tired feet creeps in.

Tired Feet can also be caused by wearing shoes that are too small for the feet, not to mention high heels which can also lead to heel pain and foot blisters as well as a feeling of tired aching feet. Tight shoes prevent good blood flow to the feet, depriving the muscles of essential nourishment.

Some circulatory conditions such as varicose veins will give a similar sensation of heavy tired feet as blood tends to accumulate at the bottom of the feet with insufficient back flow causing swelling and a sense of heaviness.

Treatment and prevention of Tired Feet

Take your shoes off and immerse your feet in a warm massaging foot bath with herbal oils. In minutes, your tired feet will feel like new as your entire body relaxes. Use insoles to comfort and correct your foot function, as they will help ease and prevent tired feet. This information is for guidance only. If you are in doubt at all, please consult your nearest health professional.