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Mykored Anti Fungal Treatment

Fungal nail and skin infections are one of the most common problems, Mykored offers you an easy and safe way of treating all types of infections. Most skin infections such as Athlete’s Foot start on the skin and if untreated transmit to the nail. This means even further complications and lengthy treatment.

Fungal nail infections may be caused by dermatophytes or yeasts. Dermatophytes are the most common causative agents in fungal infections of the skin, nails and hair. Fungal nail infections more commonly affect the toenails rather than the fingernails and has been estimated to affect 20-30% of people with Athlete’s Foot.

Superficial dermatophyte infection can occur at many sites including the feet (athlete’s foot) the groin and genital area (jock itch), ringworm and nails (onychomycosis).

How long do you use Mykored Products?

Skin infections such as Athlete’s Foot when properly treated can resolve within 2-3 weeks. Fungal nail infections can take a lot longer. Why? It is determined by the rate of the nail growth. Fingernails typically grow at about 3mm per month. Toenails only 1-1.5mm per month. Rates vary by individual and by intensity of infection. It is therefore not uncommon for a big toenail to take over 2 years to resolve when consistently treated.

Mykored is suitable for use on all skin types and now also diabetics. Not recommended for children under the age of three.