Footmender is a multifunctional foot care product with a unique, patented formula that treats, heals and restores the skin on your feet. Footmender has multiple uses and treats: dry skin, calluses, corns, and cracked heels.

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Footmender All in One has a unique formula containing six active ingredients, it replaces the function of various creams as well as foot baths, foot files, and exfoliating socks.

Treating your feet is easy with Footmender:

·       The unique dispenser gives an exact dosage and is easy to use.

·       Leaves no residue on the skin and is absorbed quickly

·       No need for foot baths, foot files, or the use of various creams.  One product is enough.

·       Use once a day as a treatment or once/twice a week for maintenance.

·       A patented medical device class IIA product with proven effect.

Footmender works in eight different ways:

·   Exfoliating action. Footmender has the ability to remove dead skin cells.

·   Footmender binds and retains moisture in the skin.

·   Softens the skin.

·   Reduces skin sensitivity and slows the release of water.

·   Stabilises skin cell renewal.

·   Stimulates the healing of cracked skin.

·   Strengthens the skin’s barrier effect.

·   Antimicrobial effect that prevents the regrowth of micro-organisms for at least 12 hours.


Instructions for use:

Apply once a day as a treatment or once/twice a week to maintain skin following initial treatment. Use two pump strokes of Footmender per foot.  Rub Footmender into the skin for at least one minute.


How long does each bottle of Footmender All in One last?

Footmender All in One 100 ml is sufficient for approximately 25 treatments. Based on a one-week treatment course followed by maintenance therapy 1-2 times a week, it will last for four months or two and a half months, respectively.


Cracked Heels, Dry Skin, Corns, Calluses, Hard Skin, Holiday Shop,
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