A nail care essential– helping keep your nails and cuticles soft and moisturised.

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This transformative antioxidant cuticle serum and overall nail oil is the perfect antidote to constant hand washing and 24/7 sanitising. Created to help keep the nail bed and surrounding skin soft and moisturised, it’s packed with nourishing ingredients like flaxseed and coconut extracts to renew, restore and hydrate without greasy residue.  

It contains the following nourishing ingredients:

  • Jojoba Oil - rich in copper, zinc, and Vitamins B and E, locks in hydration and serves as a barrier for the skin.  It also helps to soothe rough cuticles.  
  • Damask Rose has antimicrobial effects and antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties.  Rose oil contains antioxidants and helps produce collagen and elastin.  
  • Coconut Extract - is naturally antibacterial, antifungal, and moisturising.  
  • Flaxseed Extract – Contains lignans and antioxidants. In addition, flaxseed contains fatty acids which keep your skin nourished, hydrated, and moisturized.

Directions: Apply a drop of NOURISH to each cuticle and massage in allowing excess to be absorbed into the hands. Apply liberally and frequently to unpolished nails or a fully cured manicure/pedicure.


Women's, Gift,
Winter Collection, Dry Cuticles,
Body Area
Active Ingredients
Garlic Bulb Extract, Lavender, Vitamin C, Pentavitin, Coconut Extract, Flaxseed,
Cosmetic Nail Care
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Not Tested on Animals, Safe for Vegans, Toxin Free, No Artificial Chemicals,

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