These ultra-thin polypropylene made insoles provide the ultimate comfort and correction for feet in everyday shoes.

Engineered by Rightstride, First Step Daily orthotics have specifically been designed for people who suffer from pains in the feet, knee and lower back when they wear everyday shoes. These shoe inserts are extremely thin, light and flexible so they take up very little room in the shoe, and because the base is made out of a polypropylene material it provides maximum support for the feet.

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These unique orthotics are constructed out of polypropylene and covered in a black leatherette and can be ordered in full length or 3/4 length. These devices offer a 2º of motion control and have a 1st met head cut-out to allow normal forefoot function. The flex point is in the mid-foot so the device does not stop normal foot motion.

The construction of the insoles helps re-align the feet and prevents over-pronation (in-rolling of the feet) which is the main cause of arch pain and heel pain, and because it re-aligns the body's posture, your whole body feels the benefit.

The material used to make these orthotics is very durable and flexible and provides excellent support for weight bearing forces.

First Steps Daily orthotics are  pre-molded and ready to insert straight into your shoes. When you first start wearing the orthotics you should give yourself time to adjust as your body gets used to "walking correctly".

1 pair.


Application Type
Body Area
Morton's Neuroma & Metatarsalgia, Bunion, Arch Pain, Tired Feet, Flat Feet,
UK 1, UK 10, UK 11, UK 12, UK 13, UK 14, UK 2, UK 3, UK 4, UK 5, UK 6, UK 7, UK 8, UK 9,

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