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20m length rolls available in the following sizes:

  • Size 00 for small fingers and toes - 1.2cm wide 
  • Size 01 for middle toes - 1.8cm wide 
  • Size 12 for big toes - 2.5cm wide 

Full description


A cotton stockinette designed to encase the toe or finger in a light covering, used mainly to help dressings or padding to stay on the toe. To help application see associated product: Podopro Tubular Gauze Applicator see link below.

Tubular Gauze Applicator

To apply using the applicator:

  • Cut twice the length of the toe or finger.
  • Push the gauze over the applicator and apply the applicator to the toe.
  • Push half the length of the gauze onto the toe and hold in position.
  • Pull the applicator back to the end of the toe while applying grip and tension to the applicator and gauze, then twist until the end of the toe is covered.
  • Push the applicator back onto the toe, then fasten the gauze base to the toe with adhesive plaster.


Application Type
Body Area
Hands, Toes,
Size 00 - 1.2cm wide, Size 01 - 1.8cm wide, Size 12 - 2.3cm wide,

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