Epithelium evenly distributes pressure and limits the formation of corns on the tops of toes, at the same time relieving pains caused by pressure on the ball of the foot. Absorbs perspiration. Can be machine washed. Priced per pair. Provides warmth to the tips of toes.

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Plantar & Toe Tip Protector provides excellent protection for all of the toes and is thin enough to wear comfortably in all types of shoes. The integrated protective gel is only 1mm thick.

The fabric is soft and absorbs persperation making it very comfortable to wear without irritation.

Reusable. Can be machine washed.

1 pair.


Application Type
Toe Protector
Body Area
Corns, Hammer Toes, Pressure,
Large (UK 8-10/ EUR 42-45), Medium (UK 6-7.5/ EUR 39-41), Small (UK 3.5-5/ EUR 36-38),

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Customer reviews

4.5 / 5
2 reviews for Epitact Double Toe Tip Protections with Epithelium 26
eKomi customer reviews
It would be much better if the toe pad could be sewn into position. I found it very difficult fo manoeuvre into place.
Rated 4 out of 5
June Skillett
This product has changed slightly in the eighteen or more years I have used it. I seldom wear tights or socks with my shoes and find this product gives a good cushion under foot and protects my toes. On the occasions I do wear tights or socks I still wear this product for extra comfort. The cushion under the foot is excellent, the new addition of a cushion over the toes I do not like, it will not lay flat, so I carefully cut this out.
They wash in the machine and dry quickly, keeping their shape.
Rated 5 out of 5