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Aids the relief of bunions, ball of foot pain, heel pain (spurs), foot pain, shin splints, achilles tendonitis, aching legs, knee pain and hip pain.

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Pedistep Regular Orthotics support the arches of your feet and in doing so realign not only your feet, but your knees, legs, hips and lower back– reducing discomfort in these parts of the body. 

  • Washable under warm water, with a mild washing liquid and left in a warm place to dry. 
  • Do not place in washing machine or near heated appliances. 
  • Depending on your weight and intensity of activity, Pedistep Regular Orthotics will last between 12-18 months. 


Application Type
Body Area
Achilles Tendonitis, Heel Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Bunion, Back Pain, Arch Pain, Ball Of Foot Pain, Flat Feet, Knee Pain,
Shoe Size
UK 1.5 - 3 (women), UK 3.5 - 5 (women), UK 5.5 - 7 (women), UK 7.5 - 9 (women), UK 9.5 - 11 (women), UK 11.5 - 12 (women), UK 1 - 2.5 (men), UK 3 - 4.5 (men), UK 5 - 6 (men), UK 7 - 8.5 (men), UK 9 - 10.5 (men), UK 11 - 12 (men),

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