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OrthoSole insoles provide the perfect fit, just for you. The removable support pads gives you six different combinations to let you completely customize your insole to match your body, foot and lifestyle. That means more comfort and stability for a body that feels and performs better in everything you do.

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The custom supports are changed by removing the pink/blue sections off the bottom of the insole via the velcro. 

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For football boots we recommend one size smaller.


Two Kinds of Adjustment for a Custom Fit:

Macro Adjustments through Orthosole’s Adjustable Support System

Arch Pad: Provides support, control and alignment of your foot and body for better biomechanical performance
Metatarsal Pad: Improves weight distribution, cushion and protection to the ball of the foot, reducing impact and body pain

Micro Adjustments through Orthosole’s exclusive heat and pressure - sensitive PORON Urethane layer

Relief of foot pressure points to make feet, legs and body feel great. Conforms to the shape of the foot for that personalised fit.

Orthosole components:

Top Cover

  • Moisture-wicking nylon fibres keep feet cooler, drier and more comfortable
  • Abrasion-resistant for longer insole life
  • Antimicrobial for fighting foot odour and helping bacterial and fungus growth

Poron Urethane

  • Heat-and pressure-sensitive layer conforms to the shape of the foot
  • Optimises distribution of eight to prevent pressure concentrations in weight-bearing areas of the foot


  • Ultra-light foam for superior cushioning while walking and running

Heel Chassis

  • Thermoplastic component that helps stabilise the ankle joints during foot strike
  • Properly guides the foot during every ground contact from heel to toe

Gel Heel Insert

  • Eases impact during heel strike while walking and running

EVA Arch Pad

  • Provides support, control and alignment of your foot and body

VA Metatarsal Pad

  • Improves weight distribution, cushion and protection to the ball of the foot



Application Type
Body Area
Plantar Fasciitis, Arch Pain, Aching Feet,
Shoe Size
UK Men 7-7.5, UK Men 8 - 8.5, UK Men 9 - 9.5, UK Men 10 - 10.5, UK Men 11 - 11.5, UK Men 12 - 12.5, UK Women 3 - 3.5, UK Women 4 - 4.5, UK Women 5 - 5.5, UK Women 6 - 6.5, UK Women 7 - 7.5, UK Women 8 - 8.5, UK Men 6 - 6.5, UK Men 13 - 13.5, UK Women 1- 1.5, UK Women 2- 2.5,

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Sarah Pope
Excellent quality product, price and quick delivery. Many thanks.
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Liga Krauja
very good, I suffering from uncle pain and this insoles help me to my feet feel stabil in shoe.
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already provided detail review on previous page
Rated 5 out of 5