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Gehwol Balance Skin Care

A probiotic care concept that keeps feet, legs and hands resilient and smooth. 

These three balance care products are eminently suitable for healthy skin, GEHWOL Balance Foot Cream with its probiotic care concept is easily distributed, rapidly absorbed and non-greasy. Regularly using this high-quality foot cream several times a day as needed strengthens the skin barrier and reduces skin moisture loss. It also prevents potential skin problems such as redness, dryness and tightness.

GEHWOL Balance Foot Cream regenerates and nourishes stressed skin. In combination with the foot cream, the probiotic lotion ensures noticeably smoother, supple skin and protects against moisture loss. The lotion is easily distributed on the skin, rapidly absorbed and does not leave behind a greasy film.

GERLASAN Balance Hand Cream provides probiotic care, protecting stressed skin on the hands from moisture loss and keeping it supple. Its active substance complex supplies the skin with moisture, leaving it noticeably smoother. The hand cream is also easily distributed, rapidly absorbed and non-greasy.