Clinical Health Technologies official statement on coronavirus.

In response to the many enquiries we have received regarding the effectiveness of Clinisept+ against Coronavirus,  Clinisept+ has been rigorously and independently tested and proven to be highly effective in killing all enveloped viruses, including Coronavirus in under 15 seconds.

Clinisept+ is a new chemistry and therefore not yet registered as a skin disinfectant. However, Clinical Health Technologies is working towards attaining this accreditation which would enable us to legally state that Clinisept+ is rapidly bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal and sporicidal - as per independent test evidence. 

Given the exceptional situation with Coronavirus and Clinisept+'s ability to protect against infection, we are currently in discussion with the authorities regarding the wider use of Clinisept+.

How to use:

Simply spray all over the hands and rub hands to ensure full coverage as you would a hand gel. You can apply as frequently as wished, with no fear of drying the skin.

Full description


Clinisept+ is a fast-acting cleanser and antimicrobial solution that can be used for both pre-procedure and after procedure skin cleaning. 

Clinisept+ provides highly effective microbial control but because of its gentle oxidising method of action doesn’t itself inhibit skin recovery: it causes no stinging, sensitising, or irritation and neither does it dry the skin. Clinisept+ is suitable for use on normal and sensitive skin.

Clinisept+ products are effective in seconds and deliver more effective protection against bacteria than traditional skin cleansing chemistries. But they are also more ‘skin compatible’ than traditional skin cleansing chemistries: Clinisept+ has a skin neutral pH, contains no alcohol, is non-irritant to skin and eyes and does not cause respiratory irritation.

Contains the latest hypochlorous technology to provide professional levels of antimicrobial protection without stinging. 


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