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Dr.s REMEDY Nail Care

Dr.’s REMEDY® is a podiatrist formulated, enriched Nail Polish with a patented blend of naturally occurring, nourishing ingredients not found in traditional lacquers and nail polish. Every bottle of is free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, parabens, and phthalates—all potential carcinogens. Read blog - Is your nail polish safe?

  •   Can help repair discoloured & brittle nails
  •   Diabetic friendly
  •   Safe for pregnant women looking to avoid harsh chemicals
  •   Safe for children who wish to limit exposure to formaldehyde
  •   A healthy alternative
  •   Vegan friendly
  •   Not tested on animals 


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Dr.'s Remedy Noble Navy

CREME - A sea-at-dusk shade that reflects light and brings dimension.


Dr.'s Remedy Beloved Blush

CREME - Laced with subtle blue undertones, this cool cotton candy creme is bold enough that it doesn’t disappear against your skin tone, yet neutral enough to wear everyday.


Dr.'s Remedy Reflective rose

Frosted sparkle. Glistening with flecks of shimmery chrome, this decadent frosted metallic puts an ultra-chic, grown-up twist on pink


Dr.'s Remedy Playful Pink

SHIMMER - A cheerful candy pink with a subtle flamingo pink.


Dr.'s Remedy Nurture Nude Pink

PEARL - Barely there beautiful with a hint of iridescence.


Dr.'s Remedy Trusting Turquoise

A perfectly cool turquoise hue.


Dr.'s Remedy Pleasing Peach

A pale, peachy-coral creme that’s kissed with a subtle hint of shimmer.


Dr.'s Remedy Mellow Mauve

CREME - A delicate shade of eggplant, with a subtle pink undertone.


Dr.'s Remedy Loveable Lavender

CREME - A lilac that lends sophistication to spring' flirty frocks.


Dr.'s Remedy Kinetic Khaki

The perfect neutral. This versatile warm taupe—enhanced with cool tinges of green and grey.


Dr.'s Remedy Precious Pink Nail Polish

CREME. A soft, subtle cotton candy like hue with purple reflections.


Dr.'s Remedy Amity Amethyst

A moderately bright, smokey purple that is soothing yet excitable. A very wearable shade that is sophisticated and flirty. Neutral enough for the office but elegant enough for an evening out.


Dr.'s Remedy Altruistic Auburn

A playful burnt orange with earthy, autumn undertones. [al-troo-is-tik] adjective: unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others.


Dr.'s Remedy Bountiful Blue

SHIMMER - A tranquil, cornflower blue flecked with a subtle hint of shimmer.


Dr.'s Remedy Motivating Mink

CREME. A muted mink, spiked with subtle purple and cocoa undertones.


Dr.'s Remedy Stability Steel

CREME. A universally-flattering shade of sleek steel grey—is destined to become your new go-to nail color. Simple yet chic, with the perfect dose of sophistication.


Dr.'s Remedy Red

CREME - A true iconic old-Hollywood red.


Dr.'s Remedy Positive Pastel Pink

CREME - Baby girl pink with swirls of pale purple.


Dr.'s Remedy Peaceful Pink Coral

CREME - A poppy, fresh bubble-gum shade.


Dr.'s Remedy Hopeful Hot Pink

CREME - The perfect ultra bright pink, almost neon and perfectly matte.


Dr.'s Remedy Focus Fuchsia

CREME - A hot pink classic with rich, romantic allure.


Dr.'s Remedy Defense Deep Red

CREME - A rich bordeaux with a luxurious matte finish.


Dr.'s Remedy Wonderful Wine

CREME - A rich wine with a glossy creme finish.


Dr.'s Remedy Modest Matte Top Coat

The ultimate quick-change in a bottle, this unique UNISEX topcoat totally transforms: For women, wear over your favorite high-shine shade for in instant hint of matte sophistication. For men, swipe it on over a glossy treatment or nude polish (Loyal linen or Promising Pink) to subtly hide a problem nail—without gloss or shine.


Dr.'s Remedy Tender Terracotta

CREME - An earthy, clay colored shade with hints of orange brown. Every bottle is free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, parabens, and phthalates—all potential carcinogens.


Dr.'s Remedy Relaxing Rose

CREME - An opaque, vintage rose petal shade with a hint of iridescence.


Dr.'s Remedy Mindful Mulberry

CREME - Think of the awakening and blossoming that comes with warmer temperatures. This renewed juicy berry shade is stylishly tart and playful yet sweet and classic. A perfect feminine neutral.


Dr.'s Remedy Brave Berry

Bright, fresh and undeniably feminine, this sumptuous berry shade is the perfect blend of romance and fun.


Dr.'s Remedy Loyal Linen - unisex

SHEER - An ultimate everyday sheer nude.


Dr.'s Remedy Rescue Red

CREME - A classic fire engine red.


Dr.'s Remedy Passion Purple

SHIMMER - A subtle, sparkly boysenberry.


Dr.'s Remedy Cheerful Cherry

Creme - Behold: the perfect shade of bright red. Bold, juicy and undeniably upbeat, a shimmer-flecked electric red candy shade.


Dr.'s Remedy Revive Ruby Red

SHIMMER - A shimmer-infused shade crimson.


Dr.'s Remedy Wisdom White

PEARL A pearly, high-gloss hue. Sleek, sophisticated and super-versatile, it has the wearability of a nude—with the impact of a big bold color. Wear it alone for an icy veil of cool white color or go tips-only to dress up a French manicure.


Dr.'s Remedy Cozy Cafe

CREME - A cafe au lait with hints of pinkish grey and a splash of lilac.


Dr.'s Remedy Poised Pink Champagne

Frost - This high-shine, shimmering soft pink champagne gives any manicure the Midas touch. Sweep it on fingers and toes for a warm, sultry glow that helps you breeze straight into Autumn/Winter.


Dr.'s Remedy Resilient Rose

A classic in the making, this muted yet rich shade of warmed pink gives nails a soft, subtle glamour that’s forever in style.


Dr.'s Remedy Promising Pink - unisex

CREME - A creamy, pale pink that neutralizes yellow tones.


Dr.'s Remedy Balance Brick Red

CREME - A deep modern maroon.


Dr.'s Remedy Timeless Teal

CREME - A true blue-green teal.


Dr.'s Remedy Subtle Sunshine

SHIMMER - A soft, golden yellow with a sprinkle of shine.


Dr.'s Remedy Purity Pink

SHEER - A barely there sheer pink with a hint of peach.


Dr.'s Remedy Glee Gold

SHIMMER - Rich, shimmery and luxurious.


Dr.'s Remedy Clarity Coral

CREME - Bright pinky orangey and matte.


Dr.'s Remedy Hydration Nail Moisture Treatment

A natural nail conditioner with Biotin & Pentavitin. Biotin part of the complex of B vitamins, improves nail strength and durability. Pentavitin helps to deliver and retain moisture. Hydration is also enriched with whole wheat protein and four major vitamins. This clear coat helps moisturise, strengthen and protect the look of nails. Use once a week with polish change. For best results use alone for first few weeks, apply twice a week.


Dr.'s Remedy BASIC Base Coat

Clear base coat. Recommended for wear under all of Dr.'s REMEDY nail polish shades or worn alone for a shiny natural nail. Enriched with tea-tree oil, garlic bulb extract, lavender, wheat protein and vitamins C and E.


Dr.'s Remedy Calming Clear Top Coat

An enriched top coat that finishes your manicure or pedicure with the perfect level of shine and durability. (Please note this special formula is designed to be used as a top coat only. It is not meant to be used alone or as a base coat.) Use the base coat as a clear varnish.


Dr.'s Remedy Caress Cuticle Oil

A uniquely formulated cuticle oil containing tea-tree oil and garlic bulb extract along with safflower and kukui nut oils. Hydrate cuticles nightly to boost nail and cuticle flexibility and prevent breakage.


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