The ultimate all round sanitiser spray for use on hands, computer screens, door handles, keyboards etc Skin friendly and quick drying. Guaranteed to actively kill harmful viruses and germs on all surfaces. 75% alcohol

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This multi-use sanitiser is up to 99.999% effective and will destroy the potentially life-threatening

coronavirus, COVID-19. Its unique formulation works quickly to deactivate microorganisms and
reduce bacterial counts on hands and all surfaces.
X-Mist Sanitiser Benefits: 99.999% effective
• High-quality formulation contains up to 90% active ingredients to kill harmful germs and viruses
• Sanitises all surfaces including door handles, handrails, desks, keyboards, screens and more
• Shop with confidence knowing your trolley or basket handle is hygienic and safe
• Use in vehicles to keep steering wheels, gear sticks and other touch points sanitised
• Softening ingredients are gentle on the skin and hands are clean, healthy and germ-free
Directions: Spray on one hand and rub together until dry. 
Aqua, ethyl alcohol, iso-propyl alcohol, dimeethicone, paraffinum liquidium, methyl alcohol, didecyldimonium chrloride.
125ml Flammable


Normal Skin, Virus Protection,
Body Area
Active Ingredients
75% Alcohol

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Diana Watts
efficient and easy to use and apply to both hands and hard surfaces
Rated 4 out of 5