The Tiger Ball massage on a rope helps:
• Relieve sore muscles
• Speed muscle recovery
• Self help muscle recovery 
• Dynamic stretching/Warm-up

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Perfect for busting out knots, trigger points and sore muscles in the back, shoulders, hips, piriformis, legs and other sports wanting deep pressure.

To bust out shoulder knots, stand in an open doorway, place the Tiger Ball against the door frame, press your shoulder into the ball. Suffer from headaches? This is the tool for you.

• Ball slides on corded rope, allowing you to position and keep ball right where you want it
• Made of silicone 
• Hard, firm and smooth surface
• 2.6” massage surface
• Silicone ball
• Easy to clean


Muscle Stiffness, Muscular Tension,
Body Area
Feet, Body,

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