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Footcare is a massive issue in people with diabetes, the padding in this sock is in all the right places. Unique revolutionary technology contains silver ions within the fibers to combat foot odour and infections. The sock provides extra protection against chafing where achilles tendon meets the shoe. Available in navy, white and black.

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PROTECT-iT socks feature :
• breathable cotton to help keep the feet dry
• light soft padding to ensure perfect fit
• seamless
• don’t wrinkle
• wide collar band  so they are not too tight
They contain nano technology silver ions as an anti-bacterial addition to prevent the growth of germs.

As a Welsh international sprinter and a sufferer of type one diabetes, Melanie Stephenson was keen to find socks that could help both areas of her life. Mel needed to find socks that would keep her feet fresh. She trains very hard and puts her feet through a lot, but needs socks that will eliminate any rubbing or chaffing.


Problems can arise when there is friction between the foot and the shoe, or when the sock is poorly fitted. Socks designed for people with diabetes should act like a second skin, so that they can adapt to every movement and won’t bunch under part of the foot – the fabric ideally should be wrinkle-free.


The socks should feature characteristics that help to keep the feet dry, wicking away moisture from the feet and reducing the potential for bacteria to attack them. And they should incorporate just the right amount of padding to reduce the pressure points for each of the sore-prone areas. There should be no seams to irritate and elastic-free cuffs so they are not too tight around the top, avoiding constriction of blood supply and any swelling.

PROTECT iT™ socks feature all the characteristics as recommended by the world's leading health organizations, such as :
American Diabetes Association (ADA),
Diabetes UK,8 International Diabetes Federation,
National Institutes of Health (NIH),
the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
and the World Health Organization (WHO).


The cuff of the sock can stretch open wider than 27cm, far more than other socks.
Delayed elastic Recovery technology allows the sock to comfortably adapt to your foot and its movements without resistance.


Application Type
Body Area
Anti Chafing/Rubbing, Pressure,
Safe & Free From
Safe for Diabetics
10-12 UK (men) 45-48 EUR, 5-7 UK (men) 5-7 UK (women) 38 - 40.5 EUR,
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