Relieves pain caused by pressure and friction on damaged, cracked and painful heels. The Epithelium gel redistributes pressures on the sensitive heel area and provides continuous moisturisation, improving appearance in only 3 weeks. Washable and re-usable. One size. Sold in pairs.

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The gel inside the support – Epithelium is silicone gel patented by podiatrists. It shows viscoelastic properties similar to those of a natural load balancer, the plantar padding.  Epithelium is recommended for all instances of hyper-pressure and hyper-support or when the planter padding is deteriorating. The plantar padding is the padding at the front of your foot just below your toes. 

Worn in the day: they provide relief while walking and effective mosturisation. Worn at night they provide effective mosturisation.

For cracked and painful heels, it is advisable to wear the protections during the day. If heels are cracked and unsightly, but not painful, the protections can be worn only at night.


Application Type
Body Area
Cracked Heels

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