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Gel Insoles for heels and shoes

Intelligent, unique gel formulas are infused with natural botanicals and vitamins. Invisible gel cushioning for ultimate shock absorption. Absorbs pressure and provides comfort to the foot. Prevent burning sensation from under the foot.

The Diabetic Friendly range offers superior comfort and cushioning. Infused with the natural healing properties of Vitamin E and Aloe Vera.

Certain activities may also contribute towards this condition as in the case of climbing down a hill. This will create extra pressure on the tip of the toes. Any shoes that are tight and that are causing over-crowding of the toes may make matters worse.

Comfort Cushion is formulated for ultimate shock absorption and durability, with excellent shape retention to extend the life of the gel, Podopro gel products are made with SmartGel technology and are the optimal choice for your physical life style.

This line of SmartGel technology has been awarded the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). The APMA Seal of Acceptance program was created to help the public make educated choices about their foot & ankle care products such as footwear, insoles, hosiery, equipment, accommodative padding and materials.

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Podopro Forefoot Relief Pad Covered

Anti-microbial top cover absorbs odour & prevents bacterial growth. One Size. Priced per pair. Cushions the balls of the foot to help prevent aches and pains. Covered - designed with shock absorbing pattern which acts as non slip.


Podopro Dress Sandal Spreader

One Size, priced per pair. Shoe aid specifically designed to fit around the material between the toe of the flip flop • Helps reduce friction and irritation between toes with very soft, comfortable polyurethane gel.


Podopro Sandal Sole

One Size - Priced per pair. UP to size 7 UK women's. Can trim. Adds a layer of cushion and improves comfort of sandals and open toe footwear • Low profile design, washable and reusable


Podopro Forefoot Relief Pad

Ultra Thin - One Size - Priced per pair • Use – cushions the balls of the foot to help prevent aches and pains • Designed with a shock absorbing pattern which holds the product in place • Recommended for high heels, sandals or boots


Podopro Ball of Foot Cushion Gel Shoe Insole

Ultra Thin - One Size. Priced per pair. • Cushions and protects ball of foot area. Helps prevent the burning sensation in ball of foot • Self-Adhesive: Stays firmly in place • Washable and Reusable


Podopro Heel Cushion

Ultra Thin- One Size - Priced per pair. Cushions and protects heels: relieves heel pain. • Self-Adhesive: Stays firmly in place • Specially designed shock absorbing pattern


Podopro Gel Heel Cushion

Ultr thin - One Size. Priced per Pair. Cushions and protects heels: relieves heel pain. • Ultra soft to the skin: Helps prevent the burning sensation under the heel,shock absorbing pattern.


Podopro 3/4 Length Comfort Gel Shoe Insole

One Size. Priced per pair. Ultra Thin. Absorbs pressure & provide comfort to the foot.Helps prevent burning sensation under the foot. • Extra cushioning variant gives additional padding at ball of foot and heel • Self-Adhesive: Stays firmly in place. Length: 21.3cm


Podopro Gel Dancer Pad Never Slip

One Size. Priced per Pair. • Use – the aperture off-loads pressure from 1st metatarsal head • Ideal for turf toe, sesmoiditis and hallus limitus, • Washable and reusable


Podopro Gel Arch Pad

One Size. Priced per Pair. Adds medial arch support for fallen, weak, or high arches and pronation problems • Self-Adhesive: Stays firmly in place • Washable and reusable


Podopro Ball Of Foot Gel Shoe Insert

One Size. Priced per pair. Provides cushioning and padding to the ball of foot. -Ideal for fat pad atrophy, metatarsalgia, neuromas, and cushioning calluses. Washable and reusable. Self-Adhesive: Stays firmly in place.


Podopro Full Length Gel Insole

Dual density silicone gel insole absorbs shock under high pressure areas while supporting the rest of the foot and relieves heel, arch and forefoot pain.


13% Off

Podopro 2/3 Length Gel Insole

Soft dual density silicone gel insole provides shock absorbtion and pressure relief to sensitive areas. Relief for heel, ankle, knee and back. Supportive arch provides superior comfort and control of the rear and mid-foot areas.


RRP £15.99

Podopro Blue Dot Heel Cup

Anatomically designed heel spur cavity which is used to treat heel pain, heel spurs, achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and knee & back pain.


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